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IMAF Racing Seats | Kart racing seats and products made in Italy Modular H7 Seat Silver Seat

Product Information

Aldo Fattore's extensive experience in the field gives him a significant advantage in designing the best performing products. His collaboration with prestigious drivers and teams has enabled him to take numerous American and international wins and to consistently offer the best products in all categories. The F6 and H7 models are currently the top of the range.

A renowned driver and designer, Jérémy Iglesias has been driving with IMAF seats for many years. Here is his testimony: "The seat is a decisive factor in the proper operation of a chassis. IMAF has a very wide range of seats with different characteristics which allows it to meet the needs of every driver. Aldo is constantly looking for that little extra to make a difference, and this is in every category. Always listening to his customers, he provides solutions adapted to their problems.

For the driver, comfort is one of the most important points, because one cannot go fast if one is not comfortable in the seat. On a very demanding track like that of Fernando Alonso in Oviedo, I was one of the few not to have suffered during the many kerb jumps, thanks to the careful design of my F6 seat. For me, IMAF is really is the best!"

In addition to pure performance, the IMAF seat has a flattering look with many different finishes and great customisation possibilities. The IMAF range also includes specialised accessories for racing such as fibre chain guards and KZ engine cylinder covers.

IMAF provides all its seats with a bar code containing all the information concerning the manufacture of each model (model, size, material, density, options). With the IMAF-specific application available on the Apple Store and Google Play, each customer can quickly find the detailed features of their seat to order a new one or change their choice with the American supplier CKR USA.

Inquires Welcome

 IMAF Racing seats continue to develop cutting edge products for kart racing. Our choice for the CKR USA race team, the technical support provided is backed by our distinct knowledge of the products. Authentic retailers are invited to contact us!