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Competitive Kart Racing (CKR) was born in early 2000, at first as an official racing team and division of a famous karting company, and from 2005 also as a chassis builder.

This last step was undertaken to transform a production concept of high technology and quality into a racing reality.

From this idea the “CKR” brand was born under which the company assembles its chassis. Combining the latest designs and technology CKR produces advanced products while still being able to offer excellent prices. Made with VEN05 and new VEN11 Brake systems and controlled materials CKR ensures the highest standards of production while maintaining consistent quality across its range of offerings. As seen on TV at SKUSA Pro Tour and all around the world these karts perform at the top level.

CKR Barracuda 32 Chassis

CKR Barracuda 32 Chassis - Shifter Kart KZ

The Barracuda model is the latest evolution of our chassis with 32mm diameter tubing. Born in 2005 and developed through its various editions to optimize the conditions or any surface with low grip, offering more traction and braking stability. The 'Cuda was developed for KZ categories; it works perfectly, reaching a high level of performance with any type of tire or engine class. MSRP $5695

Available With Magnesium Gold Components

CKR HammerHead 32/30 Chassis

CKR HammerHead 32/30 Chassis

HammerHead has more traditional geometry and a mix of 30-32mm diameter tubes offering the ability to slide more which is an ideal characteristic for single speed KF categories. A very smooth and precise framework to allow for transition in entering corners without unbalancing the grip of the rear brake.  MSRP $5695 

Available With Magnesium Gold Components

CKR Blue Shark 30 CHASSIS

CKR Blue Shark 30 CHASSIS tAG iame x30

The Blue Shark model is our 30mm diameter frame derived from the same architecture as the 32mm 'Cuda. The current design is made to obtain balanced driving and a progressive grip, ideal for a highly rubberized track. The frame is offered in both KZ and KF models. KF provides excellent foundation for TaG classes.  MSRP $4895 

Available With Magnesium Gold Components


CKR 4 Cycle StingRay CHASSIS Briggs 206 class 206 chassis

Quality 4-Stroke and 100cc designed chassis, the Stingray provides the perfect platform many Briggs and 100cc racers have been looking for! The chassis has a very balanced frame between flex and stiffness. Developed for Briggs categories, it is very smooth and precise for entering corners without unbalancing the grip of the rear-brake. Quality 30mm tubing provides longevity of chassis life and the 50mm axle adds uncompromising performance. Third bearing delete allows chassis tubing to rotate efficiently and adjusted mounting of seat upright creates clearance of engine clutch and chain guard.  MSRP $3795 ($3995 100cc Option)

Available With Magnesium Gold Components

CKR Marlin 950 Cadet Chassis

CKR Marlin 950 Cadet Chassis

In version 950mm or 1010mm, the Marlin chassis complies with the provisions for class ages 8 - 12. The frame is made with 28MM tubes, with an axle of 30 mm and the latest generation hydraulic braking system. Compare to CRG Black Mirror homologation. Camber and caster can be adjusted with ease thanks to the Sniper System. The bodywork is aesthetically designed in combination of safety. Complete with CKR Decals. Third bearing delete for perfect balance of tubing for LO206 and Mini engines. Direct mount 17mm spindles and aluminum wheels.  MSRP $3495 

Available with optional engine mount

CKR Halibut Kid Kart

Comer kid kart CKR Halibut for racing kart boise idaho kart track

The Halibut is specially designed for younger drivers and plays the role of a real kart for competitions. Particular care has been given to safety. The USA version is complete with hydraulic brake, Sniper Castor/Camber adjustment and it is recommended for children from 5 to 8 years. This model is available complete with the Comer 50cc or sold sepreatly the Honda GXH50 engine. Complete with CKR Decals and aluminum wheels.  Comer complete MSRP $3495 

Available with Comer 50 or Honda engine