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Douglas Kart Wheels | DWT Magnesium Low Volume. Quality made kart racing wheels for Shifter Kart

Product Information

DWT Wheels are among the most popular brands in karting. CKR USA has been supplying distribution throughout the Americas for authorized dealers. The choice for many top teams and chassis brands. 

Different variations of the wheels are offered. The LV (Low Volume) simply put, is designed to reduce the gas volume that inflates the tire, which in turn allows lower initial tire pressure, promoting lower final tire temperatures. The LV series wheels have thinner walls of a larger diameter, improving heat transfer rates and giving more cooling surface area. This extra cooling capacity helps stabilize and regulate temperature and pressure rise, for better and longer tire performance.

LiteCast wheels are popular among the low horsepower categories. The same quality, strength, and design as you’ll find in our classic M-Series magnesium kart racing wheels but cast in aluminum for those non magnesium kart racing applications. Great for Rain.

DWT offers a complete line of kart wheels and accessories. You'll find being a dealer for such a widely used brand will be a tremendous benefit to your bottom line.

Inquires Welcome

Get rolling toward the winners circle with rims and tires from Douglas (DWT)! A leader in performance wheel and tire technology.  Authentic retailers are invited to contact us!