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Elto Exhaust | Silencers for KZ CIK Kart racing homologation and USA SuperNats KZ TD3 Silencer

Product Information

Elto Racing has been producing exhaust systems for 2 stroke engines since 1982. Over thirty years, it has become a leading name in several 2 and 4 wheel motorsports, specializing first and foremost in the karting sector.

Elto silencers begin with laser cut technology. Sheet metal is cut with a machine that can handle pieces as big as 1.5 x 3 meters and up to 12 millimeters thick. The sheets used to manufacture muffler systems are only 8 to 10 tenths of a millimeter thick. An operator preps the machine to the desired settings to cut a single sheet into the different elements that will make up the pipe and silencer. The laser machine also “brands” components with the necessary product codes and marks. 

Once laminate has been laser cut into pieces of different sizes, each one of these needs to be processed and shaped into a specific assembly component. This phase of production is done at the rolling mill: each piece is fed into the mill with the proper “jig” mounted onto the machine to get the desired shape. 

Final assembly consists in welding together all processed and pre-shaped pieces. Some welding is done by hand by specialized operators, while other welding is performed by machines engineered and produced directly by Elto Racing (robot welding).

When a given exhaust system is still in the prototype phase, each assembled pipe and muffler is tested first at the bench and eventually on track. In fact, Elto Racing is dedicated to supporting clients with top-quality finished products, as well as with product research and development.

CKR USA relies on Elto exhaust for our competitive race team and dealers across the country. New innovations are continually supplied to the USA through our network. 

Inquires Welcome

The TD3 exhaust silencer is homologated for CIK competition and continues to be the number one choice for customers world-wide. Elto offers many other exciting products for the karting industry. Authentic retailers are invited to contact us!